Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Article 1. Purpose

These Terms and Service are intended to define the rights, duties, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the Company and its users in connection with the use of the overall services provided by Thinkfree Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

Article 2. Definition

Terms used in these Terms and Service are as follows: 

① Service: It refers to the overall services of the Company that are available to its users regardless of the implemented devices (including various wired and wireless devices such as PCs, TVs, and portable devices). 

② User: Refers to visitors who access the company’s services to receive services provided by the Company as per these Terms of Service. 

Article 3. Publication and Revision of Terms of Service

① The Company shall post the content of these Terms of Service on the initial screen of the service so that the users can easily notice. 

② The Company reserves the right to change this Terms and Service at any time. Such changes will be reflected by the Effective Date above. We encourage you to visit and review this Terms and Service to stay abreast of any changes. 

③ As for the above paragraph where the Company specifically announces or notifies while announcing or notifying the revised Terms of Service that a user who does not give their intention within a 30-day period will be deemed to have expressed their intention, a user who does not expressly decline the revision or demonstrate an intent of denial thereof will be deemed to have accepted the revised terms. 

⑤ In case a new service is launched, these Terms of Service will be provided unless otherwise explained.

Article 4. Relationship between Linking Service and Linked Service

① In case the top service and the sub-service are connected by a hyperlink, etc. (e.g.,the object of hyperlinks includes characters, pictures, videos, etc.), the former shall be called a linking service (website) while the latter a linked service (website). 

② Note that in case it is clearly indicated that the linking service is not held responsible for the transaction engaged by the user with the goods provided independently by the linked service in the initial screen of the linked service or the pop-up window at the point of connection, it does mean that the Company does not bear guarantee responsibility over any transactions made thereof.

Article 5. Notification to Users 

① For the notification by the Company to its users, it may be done so via the e-mail address specified by the user beforehand with the company, unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Service. 

② The Company may substitute the notifications directed at the entire users through an open notification in the Company’s bulletin board for over 7 days.

Article 6. Obligations of the Company 

① The Company shall not engage in any act prohibited by relevant laws and these Terms of Service or acting against social customs and shall remain committed to providing the service in a continuous and reliable manner. 

② The Company should have a security system to protect the personal information so that the users can use the service securely, and shall disclose and observe the Privacy Policy. 

③ The Company shall have the necessary personnel and systems to properly handle user complaints or damage compensation requests related to the use of the service. 

④ The Company should deal with the opinions or complaints raised by a user in connection with the use of the service, if deemed to be justified. For feedback or complaints submitted by users, the Company shall resort to the bulletin board or forward e-mails to the user to deliver the processing schedule and results.

Article 7. Obligations of Users

① The user should not engage in any of the following acts: 

  1. Registration of false information in the process of application or modification.
  2. Identity theft.
  3. Changing information posted by the Company.
  4. Forwarding or posting information other than what is decided by the Company (e.g., computer programs, etc.).
  5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the Company and third parties.
  6. Tarnishing the reputation of the Company and third parties or disrupt business operations.
  7. Disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voices, and other information contrary to social customs to the Service.
  8. Use of the service for commercial purposes without the Company’s consent.
  9. Other illegal or unjust acts.

② The User should comply with the related laws, the regulations of the Terms of Service, the notices of use and precautions notified in relation to the service, the matters notified by the Company, and should not engage in any disruptive acts with the operation of the Company.

Article 8. Provision of Service, etc. 

① The Company provides the following services to its users:

  1. Product-related services (product introduction, trial version, security / function patch, etc.). 
  2. Community service. 
  3. E-commerce service. 
  4. Any and all services provided to the users through additional development by the Company or partnership agreements with other companies.

② The Company can divide the service into certain ranges and specify the available time for service by range. In such cases, however, the Company shall notify of it in advance. 

③ The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of its service for maintenance on information communication facilities such as computers, replacement or breakdown of such facilities, disconnection, or other equivalent operational reasons.In this case, the Company shall notify the user in the manner prescribed in Article 5 [Notification to users]. Nevertheless, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company is unable to post notifications in advance, it can be done afterward.

④ The Company may carry out periodic inspections if necessary for the provision of services, and the time for regular inspections shall be based on the instructions posted on the screen where the service is provided. 

⑤ The Company may change the contents of the goods or services to be provided through a contract to be concluded in the event that the goods or services are sold out or technical specifications are changed. 

⑥ If the Company changes the content of the service contracted with the user for reasons such as out-of-stock goods or the change of the technical specifications, etc., the Company shall immediately notify the user of the reason for the change to the user’s valid address. 

⑦ In regard to the preceding paragraph, the Company shall compensate for the damages incurred by the user. However, this shall not apply if the company proves there is no intention or negligence of such results.

Article 9. Change of Service

① The Company may change all or some of the services currently provided for its operational and technological needs, if there is an understandable reason. 

② If there is any change in the contents of the service, how to use it, and the time of use, the reason for the change, the content of the service to be changed, and the starting date of the changed service, etc. should be posted on the initial screen of the service before the change. 

③ The Company may modify, suspend or change a part or all of the services provided at no cost in accordance with the policy and operation requirements of the Company. Unless obligated by certain regulations in relevant law, the Company will not provide any compensation to the users. 

Article 10. Provision of Information and Advertisement Posting

① The Company may provide various kinds of information deemed to be necessary for the users during their use of the service by means of notices or e-mail.However, users may refuse to receive such e-mails at any time, except for the information related to their transactions and replies to their inquiries as per the relevant law.

② In case the information regarding Paragraph 1 should be transmitted by phone and facsimile, the Company shall do so by obtaining prior consent of the user. However, this shall not apply to the information related to the users’ transactions and replies to their inquiries. 

③ The Company may place advertisements on service screens, its website, e-mails, etc. in connection with the operation of the service. A user who received an e-mail containing an advertisement may request to reject such emails to the Company. 

④ The user shall not take any actions to change, modify or limit the posts or other information related to the service provided by the Company.

Article 11. Copyright of Post

① The copyrights of the post uploaded by the user in the service of the Company are reserved to the author of that post. 

② Note that the posts uploaded by users in the service of the Company may be displayed in the search results, services and other related promotions, and may be modified, duplicated, or edited to the extent necessary to be openly posted.In this case, the Company shall be in compliance with the rules of Copyright Law, and users may always take action concerning their post such as deletion, making it private, etc. through the Customer Center or the preferences menu available in the service. 

③ If the Company wishes to use the user’s postings in a manner other than what is stated in Paragraph 2, prior consent from the user must be obtained in advance through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.

Article 12. Restrictions on Use, etc.

① The Company may limit the use of the service in stages as in the form of a warning, temporary suspension or permanent suspension in case a user violates the obligations of these Terms of Service or disrupts the normal operation of the service.

② Despite the foregoing paragraph, the Company may penalize a user with permanent suspension in the first place in case of identity theft (e.g., name, e-mail address, etc.), payment fraud, provision of illegal programs that violate the Copyright Act and the Computer Programs Protection Act and disruptive act against normal operation, illegal communications and hacking that violate the Information and Communication Network Act, distribution of malignant programs, an act to access exceeding the access authority, and any violation of the applicable law. In case of permanent suspension pursuant to this paragraph, all coupons and other benefits obtained by the corresponding user through the use of the service shall also become expired once and for all, and the Company shall not compensate for it. 

③The conditions and details of the restrictions within the limits of use of this Article shall be in compliance with what is stipulated in the usage restriction policy and the operation policy of individual services.

④In the case of restricting the use of service or terminating the contract of use pursuant to this Article, the Company shall notify it in accordance with Article 5 [Notification to Users]. 

Article 13. Limitations of Liability

① In case the Company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure, the Company shall be exempted from the responsibility to provide the service. 

② The Company is not and will not be held accountable for any interruptions to the use of the service caused by reasons imputable to the users. 

③ The Company is not and will not be held accountable for reliability, accuracy, etc. of information, data, and facts posted by the user in relation to the service. 

④ The Company shall be exempted from liability if a transaction is made between its users or between its users and third parties through the service. 

⑤ The Company is not and will not be held accountable for the use of the service provided free-of-charge unless there are special regulations in relevant laws.

Article 14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

① Any lawsuit filed between the Company and the user shall be governed by the Governing Law of the Republic of Korea. 

② The legal disputes that occur between the Company and the user shall be brought to the Seoul Central District Court. 
(Additional Clause) These Terms and Service shall be effective from October 3rd, 2023.